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Online Musical Theatre workshop.

June - December  2020


Pink to Orange Gradient

Learn from the actors themselves!

Join some of South Africa's most fabulous Actors, Stage Directors and Theatre guru's for their online zoom classes for kids!




Arts and Crafts will be taken by our adventurous Bradley Hartmann. He is such a creative soul and will be helping your children discover their creative D.I.Y side. Creating things for the garden and for other uses around the house. Let's get your

children thinking outside of the box and using their hands to create wonderful things.

Your children will receive group classes and one on one

classes (on request) with Clive Gilson our performance chameleonClive, having a huge passion for what he's studied, will teach your children to better their skills as young thespians.

The Classes will run for 30 minutes with a short break and then return for another 30 minutes there after. 

The singing classes will be taken by the amazing Carmen Pretorious. 

Her classes will be jam packed with knowledge and vocal coaching, to get those vocal cords operating in a 

professional way. She will provide 30 minute 

classes for  your child - please book your slot.

The colorful Bethany will be taking the children for puppet making, as well as 

 guiding them through the various techniques of Puppeteering.

She is currently 

working for Takalani Sesame and is ready to share all her knowledge with their young minds.



The Dancing class will be taken by the energetic Carmen Tromp. She will be sorting out "the two left feet" getting them working as they should. Carmen will also teach your children  life long stretching techniques so that they don't ever harm their bodies.

Join our Digital World!

With Zoom as our new way of working, kids have a fabulous new way to learn skills that were never available before.

Our online classrooms can bring kids into the world of professional theatre without ever leaving the comfort of their homes!



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